Hey Wanderer is a company founded on friendship and creativity. Owners Casey Freeman and Savannah McNeill met in 2011, waiting tables at a downtown Nashville restaurant. Savannah, a native Texan, was a former art student, new to town; Casey, who hails from Tennessee, was in nursing school. 

They quickly became close, bonding over their pursuit of beauty and truth. Those two touchstones marked their first creative co-venture: a blog called Oh So Pretty the Diaries, featuring beauty tutorials, fashion posts, DIY craft tips and recipes. Savannah and Casey’s posts received broad exposure on Pinterest; at the height of Oh So Pretty’s popularity, their instructional videos were getting as many as 200,000 page views a day.

The year 2014 brought change. With the goal of assuming a more mature voice and broadening their coverage, they agreed to call the blog Hey Wanderer. Charged with putting together a DIY post, Savannah sewed a simple but luxurious kimono, which she then hand-dyed. They knew they had something special. Savannah’s design instructions never made it online. Hey Wanderer had become a fashion business.